Visit to Boston

About a month ago, from the 3rd to the 6th of April, 2 enriched english groups from sec.2 and 3 were off to Boston. This trip was organized to help these students pratice their english skills in a different environement. Speaking in english all the time was a new experience for most students and even ordening food became a challenge! The trip included 2 days in the bus and 2 days pocked with activities. All the activities made us learn a bit mor every time about the history of the city of Boston. For example, we went to visit harvard sqaure, we went on the Boston Harbor. Cruise, visited fenway park (the famous baseball otadium), we saw a splendid view from the top of prudential tower, and that’s only to name a few! Some students even got to see a celtics basketball game at the TD garden. All in all, i hope other groups in the following years will have as much fun as we did in Boston.